Indonesian central government working hard to re-open Bali for tourists

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahendra Siregar said the Indonesian Central Government and the Provincial Government of Bali are working hard to reopen Bali to foreign tourists. This was conveyed by Mahendra following the Bali Democracy Forum on Economic Pillars which was held in Bali in early November.

“We, the central government, are working hard with the local government and all parties responsible for reopening Bali tourism to foreign tourists” Mahendra said in a virtual press conference.

Mahendra said, his party has coordinated and made improvements related to health protocols; both testing and capacity in handling visitors who require treatment or examination. The current situation is unique due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monitoring shall be strictly carried out starting when tourists from abroad arrive at the airport. Monitoring is carried out using technology that can be utilized in real time including temperature checks as well as the most recent and best possible practices.

“(This) also supports and improves the readiness of entrepreneurs, owners of various businesses related to tourism, including hotels, transportation, restaurants, and the entire hospitality industry to be increasingly ready to implement new health protocols related to safe travel and tourism,” he said.

Therefore, the government and related parties shall cooperate with international institutions such as the World Tourism Organization which is part of the United Nations (UN).

The hope is that the target set to restore Bali tourism can be achieved. At least initially in the form of a pilot project that can be reviewed and implemented by other countries.

He said not all foreign tourists can travel to Bali because every country has different regulations and conditions during this pandemic.

“We are still trying to meet the initial target. Of course we will gradually push it further as we are able” he said. “Whatever the development and conditions, the central government and local governments will continue to coordinate and provide each other with the latest updated information until steps for implementation can be taken,” he said.

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